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Light reading : Our stories of connecting the world.

Changing the face of Karenda

At first sight, Karenda looks just like any other village; full of fresh air and happy people. However, on closer inspection, we see how digitization has taken the village to new heights. Since VNL set up Wi-Fi connectivity for the village in March 2015, there has been an influx of smartphone users and the number continues...  Read More

BSNL CMD talks about
Connecting the Unconnected in LWE

0 states, 106 districts, 22,688 connected villages and 18 million connected citizens using 39 lakh mobile connections. That’s the impact of the 2199 green mobile towers that BSNL has set up in LWE affected states in record time, according to Mr Anupam Shrivastava, CMD, BSNL while speaking in a programme...  Read More

Connectivity in LWE Region: Made in India

Recognizing that combating insurgency-hit areas in India’s Red Corridor must include the provision of a robust communication network as an important element of its strategy, the Ministry of Home Affairs decided to build a mobile phone network in the most-affected regions. These regions include some of the most hostile...  Read More

WorldGSM™ for Myanmar:
Connecting the New Highway

The gleaming Yangon – Naypyidaw-Mandalay highway is a powerful symbol of Myanmar’s new dynamism and economic transformation. The challenge before state operator Myanma Post and Telecommunications (MPT) was to provide seamless mobile coverage on the highway that passes through some of the remotest parts...  Read More

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